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Read more about the satisfied customers who have shopped at our business. At TEKRIS Power Electronics Inc., we love hearing about our customers' experiences with our convenient alternative power sources. Here, you can find out how shoppers like you have benefited from our services. Our business understands your needs, which is why we only carry the best products from top alternative energy companies for people who need marine power solutions and more. Furthermore, we are known for providing excellent repair services for any battery, charger, or inverter you have.

Once you have read more about the customer experience, we would love to have you shop online with our business. When you place an order for a Xantrex Freedom 458 or any other DC power inverter, we work hard to make sure that your items get to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the products we have for sale, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

"I first met Chris Hanrahan at the Annapolis Boat Show. My first impression was correct. This is a really smart man who knows his business and offers superlative service. At the time, I never thought I would really need his products or services. But, as fate has it (or Murphy), my boat's electrical system went into cardiac arrest. First, the fan on the inverter started squealing; and then the batteries died.

Chris walked me through the process of replacing the fan; and then I needed more critical care for the inverter as one of the circuit boards died. I brought the inverter into his shop. He repaired and replaced the board while I waited. He also bench tested the inverter for me while I waited. The alternative was bringing the inverter to a large marina. They said they need 2-3 weeks to diagnose the issue and then order the parts. (For all I knew, they would send the Xantrex inverter to Chris.) Needless to say, I thought Chris's pricing was fair, the service was beyond my comprehension. A very strange combination of quality; rarely found in today's world. Tekris and Chris are simply great!"
- D. Samuels

"This place is excellent for RV gen sets, inverters, etc. I have spent the last 5 years knowing my rig was capable of running itself but I didn't know how to make it happen and because I didn't know it caused more damage. In a matter of 30 minutes, Chris trouble shot the problems and in a matter of 3.5 hours he fixed, upgraded, and trained me. Wasted so much time and money on RV repair places, electricians, etc. It was worth the 6 hour drive and this will be where I get all my future gen sets, and inverters, etc."
- N. Johnson

"Thanks Chris for checking my van's batteries the other day in my dog training van. I did have the starter battery replaced and that solved the starting problem that was happening in cold temperatures."
- M. Windisch, Personalized Dog Training LLC

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