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Revitalize Your Energy Devices With Our Power Inverters

Get the power you need for a variety of applications with our energy solutions. TEKRIS Power Electronics Inc. is an alternative power service provider that has been in business since 1996. With a great online store and a location in Wall Township, New Jersey, we specialize in selling power inverters that transform any type of energy into DC power to be converted into usable AC power with ease. Each allows you to enjoy eco-friendly and off-grid power solutions to meet your needs and preferences.

Who We Serve

We offer diverse energy solutions that fit the needs of a vast range of customers. If you are looking for marine power solutions or are in need of a Magnum MS2812 inverter for a special trip, our team can provide you with the items you need. No matter your power demands, we have a product that can help you stay connected. We serve:

• Alternative Energy Users
• Campers
• Off Grid Power Users
• Marine and Boat Companies
• Military Personnel and Veterans
• Remote Users
• Retired Individuals
• State and Regional Municipalities
• Solar Power Users
• Motor Home and RV Owners/RV Associations
RV Car

Backup Power

Our Products

Stay energized with our extensive selection of batteries, chargers, and inverters. We sell life saver batteries and supportive equipment that converts any type of power into the energy you want and need. With our inverters, you can power your charger to reenergize your batteries even on the go.

Chargers and Inverters

Our technology is indispensable because you can create the power that you need from anywhere. Convert DC power to AC power with our inverters to maintain a backup energy source in a diverse spectrum of environments. Our inverters convert power for any device, and are often used for purposes such as:

• Alternative Power
• Backup Power
• RV System Power • Marine System Power


We only sell the best products to you. Our company is established with many different factories to provide you with the most in demand alternative energy sources on the market. The brands that we sell include:

• Lifeline Batteries®
• Magnum Energy® for Solar Power
• Schneider Electric®
• Trojan Battery Company®
• Xantrex®

Repair Services

We have skilled technicians that can repair any type of battery, charger, or inverter you have. Our repair services are always available to you when you need help. We are an authorized service center for Xantrex® products and Magnum Energy products. NOTE: Test fee of a minimum of $210.00 applies. Trojan Battery

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